GeoFencing + Data Capture + Communication

Traditional geofencing serves banner ads to your competitors shoppers but that’s where it stops. GeoMobile Marketing goes beyond traditional geofencing!  Not only do we serve banner ads (measuring impressions, click thru rates, clicks and actions/conversions) to your competitors showroom shoppers, we capture their personal data (name, address, email address, complaint telephone number, credit score range, make/model vehicle owned) in a robust interactive dashboard. The dashboard provides auto responder emails as well as the ability to email or text individual shoppers.



GeoMobile Marketing sends compelling banner ads to shoppers while they are in a competitors showroom.


GeoMobile Marketing captures the personal data (name, address, email address, compliant telephone, credit score range, make model vehicle owned) in the interactive dashboard.


GeoMobile Marketing sends an autoresponder email to Shoppers as data is captured in the dashboard. The dashboard also provides a platform to send personal emails and text to Shoppers.


Geomobile Marketing’s dashboard houses all of the shopper data, allowing dealers to manage the data with the click of a mouse.